Why Tall Timber Lodge?
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Tall Timber is the Serious
Snowmobiler’s Destination

An historic Lodge, clean and comfortable lakeside log cabins, and Pittsburg, NH's
finest luxury cottages. Many of our cabins and houses have gas fireplaces and Jacuzzis!

The Rainbow Grille and Tavern, acclaimed for its great food and relaxed
atmosphere. Awesome jumbo martinis. Carefully selected wines.
3 TVs, including with NESN for the best of New England sports.

High quality Polaris & Ski Doo snowmobile rentals offering
the power, comfort and safety features you deserve.

Don’t forget about our Fantastic Mid-Week Rental Packages, combining
comfortable accommodations and award-winning meals at the Rainbow Grille!

Tall Timber's Sled Line-Up!

The Ski Doo MX Z Sport:
Great Performance and
Environmentally Friendly!

Built for riders looking for great cornering, bump capability and value. It's all the nimble, lightweight performance you expect from an MX Z with the environmentally friendly benefits of a 4-stroke engine.

  • Reverse
  • Electric Start
  • Rearview Mirrors
  • Easy Steering with carbide runners
  • Quiet running with ACE
  • (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) technology

 The Polaris 600 IQ LXT: Two-Up Comfort.

Our premier Trail Luxury sleds are designed with rider comfort in mind. From electric start to pillow-top seats, PERC® electronic reverse to heated passenger handwarmers — these sleds are designed for riders who like to put down big miles. Along the way you may need some gear or snacks. Throw those in the included storage bag and never look back. The LXT is designed to be versatile. If you're riding solo, our quick-adjust backrest allows you to easily and quickly convert to a solo touring set-up. All the same great features as the Turbo IQ LXT but featuring our 600 Cleanfire engine for those that prefer two-stroke performance.

  • High Windshield
  • Reverse
  • Electric start
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Easy steering with carbide runners

A Little Note About Safety ...

In the interest of our customers' safety, we've provided a checklist of some important guidelines for safe snowmobile operation.   We hope that you take the time to read this!
Become familiar with the snowmobile ... Before starting and operating the snowmobile, familiarize yourself with the controls!

  • EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH: Located on top of the handlebars by your right hand. When pushed down it will stop the motor. It must be pulled up for the machine to run.
  • THROTTLE: Located on the right handlebar. Pressing the throttle will cause your machine to move forward. THERE ARE NO GEARS TO SHIFT.
  • BRAKE: Located on the left handlebar. Test the brake when you first start so you will know how much pressure to use to stop your machine without locking up the track.
  • CHOKE: Located right above the key switch. Use only to start a COLD motor. No choke is necessary for a warm motor.
  • DIMMER SWITCH: Located on the left handlebar, used for high and low beam on the headlight.
  • HAND WARMER: The hand warmer switch is located on the handlebar and most have a high and low range for your comfort.
  • RUNNING BOARDS: Keep your feet on the running board while riding. NEVER place feet outside of the snowmobile when attempting to turn or stop; do not drag feet.
  • WINDSHIELD: Stay behind for operator comfort as well as protection from deflecting wind, snow and flying objects from a machine in front.
  • MIRRORS: Adjust before you start your ride. Check your mirrors frequently for approaching traffic from behind.
 Operating the Snowmobile

While riding, STAY SEATED, don't get up on your knees or stand up while the machine is in motion. Drive only at speeds you feel comfortable with, don't "override."
DO NOT EVER venture out on ice on a lake or river unless you are on a well-marked and used snowmobile trail.
DO NOT stop suddenly in front of someone or stop in the middle of a trail. Always signal with one raised hand and pull to the side of the trail before stopping and never pass anyone unless that person is aware of it and you have plenty of room. You must stay in a single file line, keeping a safe distance between each machine. As speed increases, so does the distance. Be aware of ice, particularly just before and after stop signs.
Remember, you are not alone out there. At any moment, on any curve you can meet a snowmobile. You must stay to the right and stay in control.
Stay on marked and groomed trails. There are many dangerous objects off the trail just beneath the snow.
Each machine is equipped with extra spark plugs, plug wrench, drive belt and tow rope. If your machine should become disabled, do not abandon it on the trail. Have someone tow it to a pickup point and call us.
OUR FIRST CONCERN FOR THIS TRIP IS THAT EVERYONE RETURN SAFE AND SOUND, with the snowmobile in the same condition as when it started. Be courteous and operate the machine safely.




Offering vacation log cabin and lodge room rentals in Pittsburg, N.H. since 1946!


Enjoy award
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at our Rainbow
Grille & Tavern


Fly fishing, snowmobiling, or just relaxing … we have the perfect all-inclusive package for you!


Whatever season
is your favorite, there's plenty of adventures
for you in northern
New Hampshire!


Ride the best snowmobile trail
system in the East!
Over 200 miles of groomed trails!

Tall Timber's Snowmobile Rentals

Ride great trails on dependable rental
sleds - leave the work
to us!

Tall Timber's Snowmobile Packages

Check out our
affordable Midweek
Snowmobile Packages -
with meals or without,
it's all up to you!


Spoil yourself with relaxing massages, facials and pedicures
at Tall Timber


Our Photo Album - an account of Tall Timber, our guests, and the mascots of course!


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